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The benefits of HIIT

Posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


High intensity interval training has a number of benefits including improved aerobic and anaerobic energy production, improved oxygen transport, enhanced lactate clearance, increased lactate threshold, improved speed/power output, enhanced neuromuscular co-ordination/ exercise efficiency and may lead to improvements in vo2max. HIIT is highly beneficial to fitness enthusiasts, where it allows individuals to maximize cardiovascular fitness and calorie consumption in a minimal time period, and endurance athletes, where it can bring about additional improvements in aerobic and anaerobic metabolism beyond those brought about through basic aerobic fitness training. In fact research suggests that amonst well trained endurance athletes the use of HIIT sessions at 90-100% vo2max may be the best way to bring about further improvements in aerobic fitness (Acevado and Goldfrad, 1989;Billet at al.,1999;Stepto et al., 1999)