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The most important word for healthy weight loss is consistency

Posted on Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

It’s not an exciting word or a very exciting concept. However, consistency is perhaps one of the most important words in your weight loss efforts. A study carried out by researchers from the Lipid Metabolism Laboratory at the Mayer USDA Human Research Centre on Aging… Read the full article

Finding your potential with VO2max testing

Posted on Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Competitive sport is all about pushing yourself to find your maximum, both in racing and training. Often, the first step in this process is determining your fitness potential. This requires a benchmark, or scale on which to place the athlete. Since the late 1960’s, VO2max has… Read the full article

HIIT vs. LIAT for fat loss

Posted on Thursday, March 5th, 2015

High intensity interval training vs. low intensity aerobic training for fat loss People trying to lose fat face the dilemma of which form of exercise is best to achieve a better body composition. Contrary to popular belief, low intensity aerobic training, which is so often… Read the full article

Greek salad omelette

Posted on Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Serves 4 Calories 371, protein 24g, carbs 5g, fat 28g, saturates 9g, fibre 1g, sugar 0g and salt 2g Ingredients 10 eggs handful of parsley leaves, chopped (optional) 2 tbsp olive oil 1 large red onion, cut into wedges 3 tomatoes, chopped into large chunks… Read the full article

Griddled chicken with quinoa Greek salad

Posted on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Ready in just 20 minutes, Serves 4 A light dish of grilled chicken fillets and authentic salad with olives, feta cheese, tomato and mint an and Gluten-free   Nutrition per serving Calories 473, protein 37g, Carbs 35g, fat 20g, saturates 8g, sugar 8g, fibre 2g and… Read the full article

The benefits of HIIT

Posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

High intensity interval training has a number of benefits including improved aerobic and anaerobic energy production, improved oxygen transport, enhanced lactate clearance, increased lactate threshold, improved speed/power output, enhanced neuromuscular co-ordination/ exercise efficiency and may lead to improvements in vo2max. HIIT is highly beneficial to… Read the full article

Salmon and pesto pasta dinner recipe

Posted on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Swapping white pasta for the wholemeal variety is a great way to enjoy this Italian dish without consuming a bowl of refined carbohydrates. Health benefits Salmon full of muscle building protein and omega 3 fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation after exercise. Red onion… Read the full article